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Monday, February 18, 2019
So you may have seen my last post about My Pregnancy Must-Haves. Well today, I’m sharing my must-haves for the hospital!

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First of all, meet Luke. He made his entrance a week early. He was frank breech so I was prepared for a c-section. What I didn’t know when I set out on a shopping excursion with my mom and sister is that I had actually been in labor for hours! I went to lunch, walked up and down the SF hills and even made a Target run.
So when I got home and was feeling a little uncomfortable I figured that I probably should check in with triage {because it would be a c-section the doctors didn’t want my water to break}A few hours later…this guy joined the Lucky crew! 

I had a really amazing stay at UCSF. Seriously, every single person who I came across truly loves their job and it was evident in the care we received. Nurses and teachers truly have a special place in heaven.

Okay, enough sappy stuff.  Here’s my list of things you should definitely bring to the hospital!

Cute Hospital Gown

I stayed at the hospital for four nights and I was tired of those ugly {and oh-so shapeless!} gowns. I purchased a fun gown to wear after the first day. Looking back, I would suggest getting two because I had to wear the same one for the whole time.  Lots of things are happening to your body and you’ll want to change. Just trust me on this.

Comfy Robe

Along the same lines, bring a robe. Hospitals are kinda chilly and your hormones are going crazy. One minute I was freezing and the next I’d be throwing off layers. This waffle robe was perfect because it was inexpensive and did the job!


You’re in and out of bed a lot. After delivery, the nurses encourage you to get up a move around to get things moving. They offer you some very “fancy” grippy socks but I just went with a plain ‘ol pair of Dearfoams. I didn’t want to bring a good pair from Home because of hospital germs! 

You can pick up a pair at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a little cheaper, but I was doing an Amazon order, so it was just easier to add to it!

Nursing Bra

I’m sure you’ve read that it takes days {and a bunch of discomfort, honestly} for your milk to come in. Well, it’s true so be prepared with a good bra and supplies. I bought a few different types of bras. I’m on the smaller end of the spectrum so I don’t need the crazy supportive bras.
I bought a few different brands, styles and sizes.
Here’s my advice- skip alllll other brands and go straight for Kindred Lively. The French Terry Racerback Sleeping Nursing & Sleep Bra is like being wrapped in a soft, cozy hug. I brought one with me to the hospital and promptly ordered two more before I even left to go home.

I can see the benefit of the pull-down and I certainly used it. Just get the Kindred Lively Sublime Nursing Bra. You may pay a bit more. I promise your comfort will be worth it.

A few weeks into nursing, JB treated me to The Davy Nursing & Pregnancy Pajamas. As I stumbled out of bed at midnight, two o'clock, four o'clock, etc. I was getting tired of slinging my entire shirt off to feed Luke. These are dreamy.

Misc. Stuff

There are a few other things that you should add to your list that are super random.


I've told you that I never go anywhere without my Kindle and the hospital was no exception! I actually found that I was able to sneak in a little bit of reading during our "stay" Now whether or not I remember anything I read...well, that's a different story!


I have no idea why my lips were so chapped, but they were! This was a lifesaver.

Folder & Pen!

Someone suggested I bring these two things and it really was a great idea! You get the baby's first footprints, discharge papers, social security forms, etc. and you'll want a safe place to keep it all when you head home. And of course, a pen is to write notes and fill out the {endless} forms that are presented.

Speakers for Music

Looking back, I wish I had brought a little set of Bluetooth speakers to use in the hospital.  I had my phone and turned on the Amazon Music app for some children's lullabies in the middle of the night quite a few times.

Blanket From Home

That little hospital room was our home for the first four days of Luke's life.  JB slept on the couch {which turned into a "bed"} Thankfully, my sister was super thoughtful and brought JB a comfy pillow and blanket after Luke was born.  We didn't even think of shoving anything for him in the hospital bag - whoops!

I would also bring a cozy blanket for yourself, too.  My favorite blankets are those polyester blankets from TJ Maxx! They're super cozy, inexpensive and have super fun patterns.  Mine is a sloth {obviously!}

What would you add to this list?

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