Summer Must Reads List {2019}

Monday, May 27, 2019
As a kid, I may have been one of the only kids who was STOKED to get a summer reading list for the upcoming year! {Looking back, I wish I had paid more attention to those Classics the teachers assigned!}

So every summer, I still create a Summer Reading List to challenge myself to keep my brain workin' in the sunshine. 

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First things first…are you a Kindle/E-Reader reader or an actual book person? I’m a HUGE fan of the Kindle.  It is on me at all times so I’m never without a book. I have the Kindle Paperwhite…because I like to read in bed using the illuminated screen.  It really is worth the extra bucks!

Tips for Surviving The Newborn Phase

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Luke is seven months now and we've survived the first hurdle of parenting. I've been reflecting these past few weeks on the advice I wish someone had told me. To be honest, maybe someone did say it to me but I just can't remember!

Read on to find out my best advice for surviving these tricky months...when you believe you'll never feel like a normal human being again!

This may be one of the only times that people are willing to do your laundry, cook you a meal or watch your baby while you sleep. Seriously, take them up on the offer! 

My mom and dad stocked our fridge with grab & go snacks and meals from Costco so dinner was one less thing we needed to think about.
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