Summer Must Reads List {2019}

Monday, May 27, 2019
As a kid, I may have been one of the only kids who was STOKED to get a summer reading list for the upcoming year! {Looking back, I wish I had paid more attention to those Classics the teachers assigned!}

So every summer, I still create a Summer Reading List to challenge myself to keep my brain workin' in the sunshine. 

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First things first…are you a Kindle/E-Reader reader or an actual book person? I’m a HUGE fan of the Kindle.  It is on me at all times so I’m never without a book. I have the Kindle Paperwhite…because I like to read in bed using the illuminated screen.  It really is worth the extra bucks!
However, since I signed up for Book of the Month, I DO love getting books in the mail.  Plus, JB is a huge proponent of books everywhere in the house! So, the pretty covers are a plus and you lose that for sure when you’re holding an e-reader. My only drawback is that I can’t really lay in bed and read. Sigh
A couple years ago I ponied up for Kindle Unlimited.  For just $9.99 a month, you get unlimited access to millions of books and unlimited audible files, too! The best part – the first month is FREE! I've discovered some fun “summer read authors” {all of the Lauren Layne and R.S. Grey books are my favorites}! You can cancel anytime, so it’s definitely worth a try – even if just for the summer.
This past year, I read over 70 books. Obviously, my reading slowed down a bit when Luke made his arrival in October, but I got through a bunch of good ones since then, too!

The Accidental Tryst was a super quick read that had me smiling throughout. Loved the sequel, Inconvenient Wife, too! It's set in the South and I am always a sucker for a good Southern read! 
I could not put down Something in the Water. Love a good psychological thriller...especially with a husband and wife duo!
Last summer I read the The Kiss Quotient in record time. Helen Hoang just came out with her latest title, The Bride Test. I got my copy in this month's Book of the Month and she did not disappoint! 
I've always loved Colleen Hoover's books {with the exception of just one!} Last summer's release, All Your Perfects, was Colleen Hoover at her finest. She writes the best characters and storylines that really get you thinking, "What would I do if this was me?!"
How to Walk Away was another fabulous {but heavy} read. I read it in a day while being lazy on a rainy afternoon.  
I was so thrilled to discover Christina Lauren books this year! They are a best friend writing duo and I've devoured lots of their books this year. I started with My Favorite Half-Night Stand, read Josh + Hazels' Guide to Dating, and recently ate up The Unhoneymooners
Have you read All the Light We Lost? Ugh...such an amazing and gut-wrenching. Jill Santopolo came out with her latest, More Than Words, this past year and it is definitely worth a read. It's not as good as All the Light We Lost but still wonderful storytelling. 
Lauren Layne's latest Wall Street series is super fun and the perfect summer read! It'll make you want to hop on a plane and visit NYC right away. Oh, wait...just me?!

Although I now have limited time to read these days, I still have a very ambitious Summer Reading List! The goal is to read them all...but even if I get half-way through the list, I'll be happy!

First up is Jennifer Weiner's Mrs. Everything. Although I find her books very hit-or-miss, I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Is it even summer if you're not reading Elin Hildebrand's latest? Eeeek! I'm so excited. Her books are my favorite and I seriously LOVE Nantucket. One of these days I will get back there. Until then I'll just read Summer of '69 and pretend I'm lying on the beach and eating a lobster roll.

As I mentioned above, I loved Katherine Center's How to Walk Away so I look forward to reading her latest release, Things You Save in a Fire.

The Friend Zone just sounds like a fun, heartwarming romance book. Swoon. Perfect for sitting on the beach {or in the bathtub!}

Did you read The Woman in Cabin 10? I couldn't turn the pages quick enough, so I'm anxious to jump into The Turn of the Key - the latest from Ruth Ware. Is it just me or do you only read suspense novels during the day, too?!

Another book that I'll need to read in the daylight is My Lovely Wife. I've read it described as a "Sexy Dexter." Sign me up!

Who doesn't love a good rom-com movie? I think Waiting for Tom Hanks may be the book version!

In the wake of the college acceptance scandal, The Gifted School is perfectly timed.

Just after Luke was born I bought Where the Crawdads Sing and I can't wait to get my eyes on it! I have in in hardcover so it's a daytime book sitting in a lounge chair :)

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Have a book you think I MUST read? Leave the title in the comments and I’ll check it out!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I have read many of the books you have previously recommended. I enjoyed Making Faces by Amy Harmon. Be warned I shed many tears while reading it, but I thought it was amazing.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I've just added it to my Kindle! It was part of Kindle Unlimited so it was free - even better!!

  2. I'm taking a few of your recommendations as I too liked a lot of the same ones you are pitching. Summer reading so fun!!! Thanks for the tips. (Also, book club read Crawdads this time and EVERYONE loved it and it was the best discussion EVAH!!!)

    1. Eeeeeek! I can't wait to get started on Crawdad! I've heard it's amazing!


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