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Monday, November 25, 2019
It is so fun to watch Luke get excited about toys and books now! Absolute joy passes his face when he recognizes something that he's played with before!

I am a HUGE fan of Etsy! I have an Etsy shop {where I sell punny teacher stamps} I love the variety that Etsy provides but more importantly, I love that I'm supporting a small business!

Today, I'm sharing my top 8 gifts for toddlers that you can find on Etsy.

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For Luke's birthday, JB's parents bought him these incredible Tumi Ishi blocks. He will sit for hours {okay, maybe not hours because he is only one, but it certainly seems like a long time!}

8 Great Gift Finds for Toddlers Found on Etsy! | Lucky & Co Life

And being a boy, his favorite thing to do is knock 'em down!
Find me a child who does not love putting on a cape! When I found these personalized capes for kids I knew that Luke would soon be transformed into a superhero!

Who doesn't love being a superhero? Check out these personalized Capes!

Pikler Triangle

Our big splurge for Luke's Christmas present this year is a Pikler triangle. I had never heard of it until a friend told me that her daughter couldn't get enough of hers! After researching a bunch, I stumbled onto this colorful Pikler. I love that it's a bit taller than most and the slide can be flipped over to become a climbing wall. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival!

Gift Idea for Toddlers | Pikler triangle will keep your toddler busy for hours!

My hope is that this beautiful piece will provide Luke hours of curiosity {and climbing to tire him out!}

Personalized Book

Personalized Book for Kids are a Great Gifts for Kids

How cute is this personalized book? I love that you can send in a picture to add to the illustrations in the story! Wouldn't every {narcissitic} toddler love it? This Etsy shop has tons of different books so you can definitely find a book that works for every kiddo on your list.

Crayon Roll

Long ago when my sister had a few littles of her own, she bought these crayon rolls to keep in her purse. They were the perfect size to pull out at a restaurant and keep her kids entertained {without the use of a screen!}

There are lots of fun patterns so you can pick a different set for every child!

Name Puzzle

If you can't tell you, I LOVE personalized gifts! I'm pretty pumped about this name puzzle that I ordered for Luke.  It's so important that children have lots of exposure to letters and this colorful puzzle is a great start for learning the letters in his name. 

Looking for more ideas for kids? Check out the Etsy Gift Guide for Kids!

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