52 Week Money Savings Challenge

Saturday, December 28, 2019
Has there ever been a time where you think, "Wow, I have SO much money - I don't need to save anything?" Yeah, me either! Ha!

52 Week Money Savings Challenge FREEBIE | Lucky & Co Life

However, the past few years I've been doing the Money Savings Challenge.  Basically, I pull out an old spaghetti jar and shove money into it each week. After 52 weeks, I end up with $1378 of "free money"

It's brutal at the beginning of the year because it starts with the biggest amount. However, each week, a dollar is knocked off and pretty soon, you're adding the same amount you'd spend on a Starbucks into your jar.

JB and I always use our money for something fun. The last few years we've upgraded tickets to VIP for a comedy fest that we love going to each year in San Francisco. We normally would never splurge on such an expense, but since this feels like 'extra' money, we do it!

Want to try it this year? Go grab the FREEBIE!

Money Savings Challenge FREEBIE

Click here for a direct download or here to save it in your Google Drive!

Happy Savings!

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