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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
I'll be honest...I'm very surprised that I was able to read at all this year while having an infant at home. But thanks to Luke falling asleep the second the car started humming, I spent a great amount of time sitting in the car waiting for him to wake up! Plus, I can't fall asleep each night without reading at least a few pages of a book. 

So, I'm sharing my Top Books of 2019!

Best books of 2019 | Lucky & Co Life

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If you know me, you know that I am a reader. I always have my Kindle on me {and in the unfortunate event that I don't...thankfully there is the Kindle app!

In no particular order, here are my favorite reads of 2019.

Where the Crawdads Sing

So I know this book was published on 2018, but I feel like I didn't even hear about it until 2019. So that counts, right?

I read this book on the 4th of July. It was the book that I ignored all other aspects of life for - my family, the 4th of July parade, everything!

The writing is amazing and the story is simply incredible. If you read one book this year, please pick up Where the Crawdads Sing!

Daisy Jones and the Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid could re-write the phonebook and I'd pick it up. Daisy Jones and the Six was such a different style than she's ever written, but I loved it! 

It follows the fictitious band as they make it big and retells the stories as an interview. I was invested until the very last page. 

I got my copy through Book of the Month and for this style of book, I liked that I could flip back easily and reference something that had been said {obviously much more challenging on a Kindle!} Regardless, it's worth a read either way.

Dear Wife 

I love a good thriller that you can't put down! Dear Wife was definitely one of these books {but not the kind of scary thriller that you can't read at night} 

The story is told from a few points of view: a woman on the run, the estranged husband, and the cop trying to solve the case.

This book is truly phenomenal. It is a gut-wrenching story told in exquisite writing. JB and I started a "book club" between us this Fall and this was our first book to read. 

The story is set at Nickel Academy - a {supposed} alternative to prison for young boys who've broken the law. I had to put the book down many times because it was so hard to digest what was happening to the young boys in the story. 

Regretting You

Have you ever read Colleen Hoover's books? If you haven't, you are MISSING out! Regretting You did not disappoint. The story is told from varying points of view: Morgan, the 34-year-old mother who has devoted her life to her daughter Clara and her husband Chris. On the other side, it's Clara - Morgan's 17-year-old daughter who sees things very differently than her mother.

The story follows these two as tragedy strikes. It was a book that I could not put down {thankfully my sister's kids were around to watch Luke - ha!}10

My absolute favorite book from Colleen is It Ends with Us. Absolutely heartwrenching.

The Central Park Pact Series

I'm kinda cheating on this one because it's actually two books {and the third will be out in just a couple of weeks!}

But it's a fun story of three women who were all dating the same man. Each book tells the tale of one gal. As always with Lauren Layne books, they're a fun {and light!} read!


The Unhoneymooners

A few years ago I discovered the hilarity of Christina Lauren {a duo of writing books together!} This year I read The Unhoneymooners and it was the perfect summer read. I loved Roomies and Josh & Hazel's Guide to Not Dating.

I anxiously await their new books!

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

I think many of us can relate to the main character who is overwhelmed and exhausted from life. This book follows Amy on an adventure when she gets a "break" from life. I smiled and laughed throughout the entire story. Such a fun read!

His Royal Highness

If you are looking for a delightful, happy read...R.S. Grey is your girl. All of her books will leave you smiling and dreaming of a fun love story for yourself {oh wait...just me?!}

Elin's Winter Series

Now, it wouldn't be a reading list from me if it didn't include an Elin Hilderbrand book! This year I read both of the Winter Series books {The third and final book will be out in the Fall!}
These books are more mysterious than her other books, I think. And you feel like you're on a tropical island :) 

Side note: One of the best investments I have made is Kindle Unlimited. For just $9.99 {after your first free month} you can read unlimited {duh!} books! I've discovered so many fun and new-to-me authors like Lauren Layne and R.S. Grey from above!

Any books you loved to read this year? Let me know in the comments!

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