The Best Books for Teaching Gratitude for Toddlers

Saturday, November 2, 2019
Looking back, I'm not sure exactly how my parents reinforced the concept of gratitude in our home growing up. However, I know that it was an important theme that ran through everything - from my mom cooking us dinner each night to my sister making my lunch to my dad going to every one of my sports events. 

I'm sure we had lots of conversations around the dinner table, after receiving presents from people, and maybe even being reminded when we weren't always grateful for things! 
Books for Teaching Children about Gratitude and to be Thankful | Lucky & Co Life

As a classroom teacher, I know just how important it is to teach this skill to young children. Inherently, children do not know to say thank you for gifts or compliments or even someone holding the door open. They do not know that it's important to look at things such as trees that give us air or a full fridge and know that it's something to be grateful for. They must be taught that our families, friendships, nature and even the simplest things, such as warm weather, smiles, and lame jokes are something to be appreciated.

I've rounded up my favorite age-appropriate books for teaching Gratitude in toddlers.  If you're interested in books for older kids, you can learn more in this post

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A Thank You Walk

This simple board book follows a young boy and a mother on a walk with their dog, Duke. The mother points out that the dog's wagging tail and the chirping birds are different ways to say thank you.


Thankful focuses on appreciating the everyday wonders in life - from the beat of music to the colors artists use and even glitter and glue {I will respectfully disagree that we should be thankful for glitter! That was created by the devil himself!}

 The Thankful Book

I am always a sucker for any Todd Parr book! They always have an important message and kids can't resist being drawn to his colorful illustrations. In The Thankful Book kids are reminded of the everyday things to be thankful for - from ears to hear "I love you" to bubble baths to keep you clean.

Be Thankful, Pout-Pout Fish

The Pout-Pout Fish is Luke's ALL TIME favorite book! Of course, we had to get Be Thankful, Pout-Pout Fish! The message of this simple book is that Mr. Fish is grateful for the feeling of happiness in his heart.
At this point, I can basically read it without even looking at the pages 🙄I'm sure you all know that feeling about one book or another!

Llama Llama Gives Thanks

Who can resist these darling llamas?! This short, board book is the perfect introduction to these fun characters. Similar to Be Thankful, Pout-Pout Fish, this book focuses more on the holiday of Thanksgiving and being reflective of all you have.

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