My Newborn Must-Haves List

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Now that Luke's newborn phase is behind us and I'm actually sleeping, I want to share some of my must-haves for that season of life. 

It really does go by as quickly as everyone says!

Below, I'm sharing my absolute MUST-HAVES for newborns. Add these to your Amazon Baby registry ASAP!

Some of these things you may think, "Do I really need that?" The answer is YES! Until you have the need for some of these items, you will think they are strange. But I am here to assure that you do in fact need everything below!

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My friend said that this was the bathtub to get. She was not wrong! It's the perfect size for those early months. It has a hook on the top to store it. We hung it up with a bathroom Command Hook to dry after each use. Perfect solution! I honestly wish they made a slightly larger version so we could still use it as he's gotten bigger!

I'm sure everyone has told you that you need a Nose Frieda.  Well, you do. However, you definitely need an Oogiebear too.  This little magic wand gives you the ability to sweep inside your little one's nose and grab those boogies easily. Bonus: it can also work in their ears, too!  Definitely buy the two pack! You'll want to keep one near your changing table and one in your diaper bag!

Two Changing Stations

It took me far too long to realize that I needed two diaper changing stations. Obviously, we set one up in Luke's room outfitted with everything from diapers to butt cream. 

However, I didn't think about the fact that he slept upstairs with us for the first three months. In those early days, we walked up and down the stairs multiple times a night changing every diaper! What?! Total newbie mistake, right? 

We got this awesome diaper caddy and set up a second station next to our bed DUH! We only filled it with the essentials for those middle of the night blowouts. The best part? It has a light that was just bright enough to change a diaper at 3 a.m.  

BabyBjorn Bouncing Chair

I made a grave mistake and did not register for the BabyBjorn Bouncing Chair because I thought it was WAY overpriced.  I was WAY wrong! Thankfully a sweet coworker lent me her chair! 

Luke spent a lot of his early days in this chair.  I could strap him in, prop up his bottle or even get him to fall asleep in it.  You can rest your foot on the edge of the chair and bounce it.  Eventually, Luke figured out if he moved around it would bounce when he wanted!

Boppy Baby Lounger

When I got this Boppy Baby Lounger at my shower my family friend told me that it was the item that her daughter-in-law could not have survived without. You guys...honestly she wasn't lying! 

We referred to Luke's as his "throne" because he was always perched like royalty on this plush pillow. I rarely used the original boppy {because I quit breastfeeding very early on and he never looked comfortable in it} so this was a great alternative. 

He would sit in it at the table while we ate dinner, while we fed him or just relaxed on the couch. If you're looking for a gift to get a friend for a shower I promise you can't go wrong with the baby lounger!

Penaten Creme

Do not buy any other butt cream than Penaten Creme! A family friend is German and gave us a tin of this miracle cream for my shower. Oh, my word! You heals EVERYTHING! A teeny tiny amount gets the job done so we'll have this one tin till Luke is 15! It smells delightful, too! 


I know there is some debate about giving a baby a binky/pacifier when they are first born because of nipple confusion We figured that Luke was going to know that one nipple nourished him and one nipple simply felt good to have in his mouth! You do you - but we got a binky! 

At our hospital, they actually gave us a binky! I had never heard of the brand but figured if it was good enough for the hospital to pass out, it was good enough for us to give him. 

I ordered directly from the JollyPop website and the binkies came crazy fast. Very quickly I realized that I was tired of bending down and picking up binkies off the floor, so I got him a couple of darling binky holders - a personalized one on Etsy and a colorful one on Jane

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

As Luke got older {ha, that's funny to type since he's still a baby-baby!} I realized that he didn't always want to be lying down on his tummy time mat or relaxing in the bouncy chair. He wanted to be sitting up and checking things out! 

Bumbos are awesome because it allows children to sit up before they can sit up on their own. But with his chubby legs, he only got a couple weeks to use it. 

My sister and I spotted this Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat at Marshall's and it's exactly what he needed. I can pop him into the chair and add a few toys on the tray and he's happy as a clam! It folds down flat and has a tray that can be removed. On a recent trip to Palm Springs, we actually brought our giraffe with us so Luke had a place to hang out in the hotel room other than the floor or crib. 

Infant Booties

It's impossible to find shoes that will work on a newborn! But I hated not putting shoes on Luke. I got a few pairs of these booties and they were the perfect solution. He couldn't pull them off his feet and they were cozy enough to keep his little piggies warm :)

Baby Wrap

Before registering I read and read and read all about baby carriers. I settled on the Baby K'Tan {because it is crazy simple to use} and the LÍLLÉbaby {because it can be adjusted 6 different ways!}. 

When Luke was really little I used the Baby K'Tan and JB uses the LÍLLÉbaby lots. 

But on a trip to Target one day I stumbled on the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier and quickly bought it! It's seriously SO comfortable. The material is similar to yoga pants so it's really stretchy and breathable. This is now my go-to baby carrier. We peruse the aisles of TJ Maxx, cook, and even walk around the neighborhood with it. 

Okay, I think I covered all my must-haves for your new little one!

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