Five Faves on the Fifteenth {April 2019}

Monday, April 15, 2019
It's April already!? I feel like I just wrote my March Favorites post! But, I'm back again this month with my latest favorites for ya!

Five Favorites on the 15th

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You guys...sleep training Luke has changed my world!!! I'm not even kidding. At the risk of jinxing the long hours he sleeps, I'm a little afraid to even mention this BUT sleep training really IS all it's cracked up to be!

Way back when Luke was teeny tiny and the thought of a full night's sleep seemed impossible, our pediatrician recommended The Sleep Easy Solution. It's a fairly short read with nice bullet points and boxes to highlight exactly what's important at that moment.  I devoured that book and got to work.

Now, I'm not gonna is NOT easy to hear your baby cry in protest. You feel awful. You feel exhausted. You feel guilty!

However, on Day TWO of sleep training, I felt like a new woman! Luke was happily taking naps and easily going down to sleep.  By Day three, we were all sleepin' easy and waking up rested! Imagine that!

{LB napping like a champ!}

I went on a trip to Palm Springs at the end of last month and met THE SWEETEST sleep consultant Chrissy from The Peaceful Sleeper in real life! Upon learning she was a sleep consultant I ran up to her {and honestly probably scared her!} praising the good work she does!

We started chatting and she mentioned that she wrote a book {Get Your Sleep On}! You guys...this is the book you will want! It's only NINETY PAGES and it's fabulous! It's chock full of advice, strategies, and get-it-done-now solutions for getting that little one of yours to sleep!

The best part? It's on Kindle Unlimited so you can read if free if you are a KU subscriber. And honestly, if you read more than a book or two in a month, you really should join KU! I've discovered some of my favorite authors there!

For Christmas, I bought my sister, my mom, and myself a gratitude journal. In our busy lives, it is so easy to overlook we're thankful and grateful for {especially when sleep deprived!}

I picked up my little book at Marshalls, but they're readily available on Amazon. I love the style of this book because it gives just enough space to fill in the sentence, "Today I am thankful for..."

I honestly do not write in it daily. Not because I am not grateful for something every day, but I just sometimes don't have the time or the words. 

These days I do not have a ton of extra time to watch TV. However, when I saw that the final season of Catastrophe came out on Amazon I almost squealed {okay, maybe I did!}

This show has always been funny...but it's even funnier now that I'm a parent and I can relate to a lot of the arguments conversations Rob & Sharon have! Go check it out!

One of my absolute favorite things to do each day is check my mail! I am always hopeful that there will be a card or some other fun mail waiting for me in my box. {Honestly, I rarely get happy mail!} Well now, I no longer need to wait till I'm home each afternoon thanks to USPS Informed Mail.

Each morning you get an email with a scan of your daily mail. How cool is that?! Aside from the fun of previewing what's arriving {and what boxes I'll need to hide from JB!} it helps us because our mailbox is on the street. Getting a preview of what's to come allows me to make sure I get all of our mail each day! 

Since I'm always on the go with Luke and a thousand bags, I often do not want to bring a purse. My sister recently bought me a darling Thread Wallet. I just slip in my credit card, ID, and a few bucks and clip it onto my keys.  It's perfect!

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